Live Cell Therapy – What is it?

Also known as Stem Cell Therapy (where cells were obtained from human), Live Cell Therapy (where cells were obtained from DNA compatible animals e.g. Deers and Sheeps) is a therapy where new healthy cells are being introduced to a human body.

Fresh cells obtained from animals (usually from the placenta) are usually injected into the human body to aid healing and recovery from identified illnesses or injuries.

As more clinics are offering this treatment to unaware patients, there needs to be more awareness made with regard to the treatment process and the side effects.

More often than not, many patients who underwent the needle will experience side effects or allergies to the cells injected in them. In many FDA unapproved clinics, these processes are dangerous, and the cells being injected may not come from a known source.

The procedure carried out by many clinics are dangerous. Consumers who wish to undergo this treatment through the clinics should conduct their own research about the clinic and the treatment carried out by them.

If you wish to opt for a safer and more effective method without undergoing the knives and needles, you may want to consider Purtier Placenta Live Cell Therapy.

Purtier Live Cell Therapy is an orally consumed capsulized live cells that provide the same benefits of clinically carried out therapy, at a fraction of the price. Consumed over a period of 6 months can provide the effect of a single clinically carried out therapy, reversing aging up to 5 years.

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