Purtier Placenta CANNOT cure Cancer.

We have received many emails with regards to claims from different websites on the internet, claiming that Purtier Placenta can CURE cancer, diabetes and many other illnesses that existing medical science have yet to come out with any treatment methods that can reverse the condition.

We would like to clarify with our readers that Purtier Placenta CANNOT cure cancer. However, Purtier Placenta has over the last 10 years, helped many cancer patients in improving their existing condition.

So how does Purtier Placenta work?

When Purtier Placenta was first designed and introduced to the market, it was a product that targets to reverse aging and improving health, through the alternative medical method of live cell therapy.

Live Cell Therapy has tens of thousands of medical papers to prove its effectiveness, though research is still undergoing to genetically modify Live Cells and Stem Cells to target specifically at different ailments.

The Live Cells in Purtier Placenta, are extracted directly from Deer Placenta, unmodified. This means the Live Cells consumed, are not designed to target specifically at any part of the body. The Live Cells are introduced to the body, and the consumer’s body will do it’s own natural work of healing itself.

Despite being designed to reverse aging and improve health, including boosting of immunity, many consumers have found that the process of Purtier Placenta Live Cell Therapy have also helped in reducing blood sugar, blood pressure etc, hence indirectly becoming a cure for some patients with Diabetes and Highblood Pressure.

Consumers who are undergoing Cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, have found that consuming Purtier Placenta during the treatment period helped them to see reduction in side effects such as weakness, lost of appetite, hair lost, constant vomiting etc.

While Purtier Placenta is not a drug, it does help in replenishing healthy cells to the body, other wise killed, or damaged by the chemotherapy or other cancer treatments. With healthy cells being replenished, you are indirectly boosting your immunity system to better handle the treatment.

If you are undergoing through any cancer related treatment, Purtier Placenta does help in increasing the chance of your recovery rate and highly recommended.

This does not mean that you can stop your existing cancer treatment, as cancer cells still needs to be killed or removed for you to recover.

Stem Cells is the most effective Alternative Healing

Existed for decades, Stem Cell Therapy is not a new technology that’s recently discovered.

For years, Stem Cell Therapy has been the secret of the rich and famous, and the go-to alternative treatment for illnesses that were beyond the limits of modern medical science.

Due to the cost of Stem Cell Therapy, and the complicated process by Stem Cell Therapy Clinics, this treatment was beyond the reach of many people who were in need.

Stem Cell Therapy and Live Cell Therapy (using cells from DNA compatible animals) have proven to not only help the rich and famous reverse aging but also at the same time, prove to be extremely beneficial to reverse many critical illnesses.

RIWAY International identified the health benefits of Live Cells, as well as the high cost involved to bring the product to the masses. In order to better bring this alternative treatment to the masses, the cost has to be lowered, and it has to be made more convenient for regular consumers to undergo the treatment.

In 2007 July, combining several technologies, Purtier Placenta was launched in Singapore.

Over the last 10 years, Purtier Placenta has been touted as the “Rolls Royce” of supplement due to its miracle capability of not only reversing aging but also brought many patients with critical illness back to good health.

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Injuries, Stroke, Post Stroke Paralysis, Hearth Problems, just to name a few, are some of the illnesses that have greatly benefited from Purtier Placenta Live Cell Therapy.

Patients with these problems have seen significant improvements in their conditions after 6 months of consumption. A quick google on “Purtier Testimonials” will result in thousands and thousands of testimonials by the consumers of Purtier Placenta.

Purtier Placenta, an award-winning brand of Singapore company RIWAY, is well recognized in the world of alternative medicine, and have sold more than 8 million bottles at the time of writing.

If you are seeking alternative treatments but do not wish to break the bank, you should give Purtier Placenta a try. It’s proven to be Safe, Convenient, Affordable and Effective.




Live Cell Therapy – What is it?

Also known as Stem Cell Therapy (where cells were obtained from human), Live Cell Therapy (where cells were obtained from DNA compatible animals e.g. Deers and Sheeps) is a therapy where new healthy cells are being introduced to a human body.

Fresh cells obtained from animals (usually from the placenta) are usually injected into the human body to aid healing and recovery from identified illnesses or injuries.

As more clinics are offering this treatment to unaware patients, there needs to be more awareness made with regard to the treatment process and the side effects.

More often than not, many patients who underwent the needle will experience side effects or allergies to the cells injected in them. In many FDA unapproved clinics, these processes are dangerous, and the cells being injected may not come from a known source.

The procedure carried out by many clinics are dangerous. Consumers who wish to undergo this treatment through the clinics should conduct their own research about the clinic and the treatment carried out by them.

If you wish to opt for a safer and more effective method without undergoing the knives and needles, you may want to consider Purtier Placenta Live Cell Therapy.

Purtier Live Cell Therapy is an orally consumed capsulized live cells that provide the same benefits of clinically carried out therapy, at a fraction of the price. Consumed over a period of 6 months can provide the effect of a single clinically carried out therapy, reversing aging up to 5 years.

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Can you order Purtier Placenta Online?

PURTIER PLACENTA, cannot be purchased through retail due to the nature of the product. Each bottle of Purtier Placenta contains 60 capsules of biologically active cells, and must be carefully stored below 25 degree celsius away from direct sunlight.

Known as the “Rolls Royce” of supplements, due to the precious ingredients used to make this product, Purtier Placenta can be purchased through your local authorised resellers. You are able to purchased and collect them on the same day.

If there is no authorised reseller in your area, you may purchase it online, or better still, send us an email to become an authorized distributor for Purtier Placenta in your area.

Why Purtier Placenta?

Purtier Placenta uses revolutionary technology to encapsulate biologically active Live Cells, to enable you to undergo Live Cell Therapy from the comfort from your home.

With multiple awards, and safety certificate from 8 countries (more to come..), Purtier Placenta has been a safe to consumed “Rolls Royce” supplement consumed by hundreds of thousands of people over the last 10 years.

You can be assured of better health, and there is no better supplement to aid in your current treatment for whatever health condition you may have.